Saturday, January 22, 2011

Conditioning and Foretelling

The Führer once told his secretary that during one of the regular beatings given him by his father he was able to stop crying, to feel nothing, and even to count the thirty-two blows he received. 
As paraphrased by Alice Miller (1998)


  1. It is...but when you have to detach yourself from the situation just to's what you do...self preservation.

  2. Thanks for reading my quote blog by the way! I used to keep a text document of quotes I liked, but awhile ago I decided a blog would be easier to keep them in, that and I got tags and such to sort them by. Always fun when someone else reads the quotes! ;-)

  3. Anytime John! I like to read what people are thinking...I try to comment on the ones I think I understand :) Some I fear are above me...which is ok! And it's always great when someone reads what you write!!! Someone is listening!!!