Saturday, August 20, 2011


Man is constantly being assured today that he has more power than ever before in history, but his daily experience is one of powerlessness.
Source: Richard Weaver, Ideas Have Consequences 1948


  1. Not sure about man having more power right now....I want to know whose reassuring us....

  2. In context I think he was referring to the advances in technology and labor specialization. We have more, but want more. We build more things, but feel like we have less. We've conquered the atom, yet that which we've conquered may destroy us. On labor specialization, the next sentence after this quote states:

    "Look at him today somewhere in the warren of a great city. If he is with a business organization, the odds are great that he has sacrificed every other kind of independence in return for that dubious one known as financial"

  3. PS, you ever figure out what that kumquat thing was on your blog? I didn't comment, but I gotz no clues!

  4. I have NO idea what that fruit thing was/is...if it wasn't against the rules I might have taken it and opened it just to see.

    ...and the part where it says in the last quote...
    'has sacrificed every other kind of independence in return for the dubious one known as financial'

    Yeah...some kind of sacrifices...and for what...right? I would say at any where/place right now finances are doubtful and totally not secure!

  5. Aye, with the current economic conditions "dubious" is a good word for anyone's financial situation! If only those in power would give up their economic models which haven't worked well for over 100 years of US experience. Or really, throughout history as their models aren't much different then medieval "mercantilism"